We’ve had some difficulties with a couple of shows on this tour. Therefor, two shows is cancelled unfortunately. But good news is that we’ve also managed to add another show in Chelyabinsk at Ozz Club. See you there!!

Russia added cancelled

There’s been some changes in the tour schedule for the Russian dates! We’ve also added TWO more shows to the list! Hope to see you there!!

The dates are:

BAR Russia 2015 new 2

Beyond All Recognition logo blue

What color(s) do you see in this picture above?

It’s a fascinating debate going on over the internet concerning a dress, but now we would love to hear the responses about this logo since many seems to see different colors! Share and tell us what you see!

In association with Rocket To Russia, we’re pleased to announce the upcoming headliner tour in Russia! We’re really stoked to get back and are looking forward meeting you all there!

Note: There might be some changes in the schedule. More shows may be added and one or two may switch dates. Keep yourself tuned to ensure you don’t miss the day we’re visiting your city!


BAR Russia 2015

We’re happy to announce our very first dates in Italy! We’re also glad to be coming back to Munich, Germany!

Get stoked!

poster italien



We have now a brand new webshop up and running. Take a look and order some new badass merch!

We’re shipping worldwide!



Have you missed that we’re on Itunes and Spotify? Well then, just click the link below and buy the new single! We appreciate all the support we can get! Cheers!



Have you missed that we’ve recently released TWO new videos together with our new single “Our Illusion”? In that case, see below!


Part 1: Conspiracy

Part 2: Lab Rats


Finally we have a full website up and running! Check it out for some videos and other stuff!  Thank you Johan Eklöf for hooking us up! Check out his website aswell if you’re looking for a website for your band. He’s awesome! http://johaneklof.se/